Steps to Get In Shape: Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench Review

Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench Review Gets Me Motivated

Last year I spoke about getting in shape and I have to be honest, I didn’t do a great job at that.  This year is different, I bought an brand new adjustable bench (the Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench) after reading that review.

I searched for a while about the best adjustable benches on the market as well as a good set of dumbbells.  I wanted the option to exercise at home a bit and this seemed like the best scenario.  I figured a good bench and some decent weights could give me the opportunity to sneak away for 30min and get a quick workout in.

So far, I LOVE IT.  I really was worried that this would be a phase for me, getting into working out at home for a few weeks and now I have more clutter in the form of weights and benches that don’t get used.  I think this is different though, I haven’t spend TOO much money (got the dumbbells on craigslist) and the cap barbell deluxe utility bench only cost me around 130 on amazon.  Pretty good deal and better than a gym membership in my opinion.

So, what kind of exercises am I doing?

  • Bench press
  • Incline Press
  • Incline Fly
  • Single Leg Split Squats
  • Curls
  • Tricep Extensions
  • Sit ups
  • Dumbbell Rows

I go through a circuit of these exercises with very short rest.  I like it.  I try to improve my time every single time I go into the spare room to work out.  I am also thinking about trying this routine as it comes from a reputable source in my opinion.  I need to look up a few of the exercises and practice a bit on them but it sounds like a good plan.

I’m not trying to build a ton of muscle or anything like that, I’m sure someone will chime in and say that the routine won’t work but listen, I’m interested in improving my quality of life.  I won’t be attending any body building shows any time soon.

I’ll keep you posted on the progress

Carpet shampooer reviews in the US

Carpet shampooer reviews in the US

It’s labor day, for most of us that means cleaning up and getting prepared for fall.  My task this year as demanded by the wife is cleaning the carpets.  We had a bunch of rain this summer and the dogs tracked up the carpets pretty good.  I have been doing some research on carpet cleaners and this is what I came up with…. I think this can really benefit everyone. However, if you are looking for more information on carpet reviewers click here .

We all know that having a carpet shampooer is important for every family that has a carpet. This particular cleaning machine is very useful in order to maintain the cleanliness of your carpets and because of this you will be able to preserve the life and beauty of your it. Purchasing for the best carpet shampooer is much better than hiring professional carpet cleaners to do the job because it will allow you to save more of you money and maintain your carpets clean all the time especially when you have kids that are always playing on the carpet.

Do you agree that the price for the most excellent carpet shampooer are likely the same to a one professional cleaning? Well, for me it is totally true. On this part, I will introduce to you two carpet shampooers that work best in cleaning your carpets. These are Bissell 9400 andHoover Rug Shampooer.  Below are carpet cleaning machine reviews in US for these carpet shampooers.

First to discuss is Bissell 9400. This machine has two roller brushes. The first brush is used to clean the carpet while the second brush is designed in order to clean the edges. I have to tell you that these brushes will do a remarkable job even if your carpets are made up from fabric, it will never damage it. There are also another brushes which is located on both sides aside from the two roller brushes. These brushes are used to clean tiny surfaces just like the edges of the furniture and the side of the walls.

Bissell 9400 is able of mixing the solution because it has an onboard heater. It mostly heats water before being sprayed on the carpet. One of the best thing that this machine has is HEPA filter. Its main function is to trap 99.97% of dirt. We can use this filter for long time because it’s washable. It is also equipped with another filter which is beneficial to avoid clogging. You will be alarmed by the indicator lights if the dust bag need to be replaced. Bissell 9400 has six features comprising normal, light/heavy and rinse.

Now let us talk about the second machine which is Hoover Rug Shampooer. What makes this machine special is that it has MaxExtractor TechnologyTM that offers multiple features including carpet washing, dirt removal and heat drying. Aside from that, MaxExtractor TechnologyTM provides high velocity of suction to remove dirt and stains from the carpet while it releases heat for quick drying.

High Intensity LED spotlight is another feature that this machine has. Hoover Rug Shampooer has two settings that are intended for carpet cleaning purposes. These are steam and spray setting. This machine is computerized and has AutoRinse technology. It has also an indicator light that shows if water tank are empty or filled.

As a conclusion, this two carpet shampooers are very much useful in cleaning your carpets but it’s up to you which of this two top carpet shampooers is suitable for you based on the reviews that I have shared with you.

Mushrooms to Boost Testosterone?

So training has been  moving along slowly and I want a boost.  I’m not into supplements but I have been reading about natural things that will help improving strength and this was totally interesting.  I summarized the information from this website…. Who would think that a tibetan mushroom can help?  Mushrooms do so many things… a completely cool natural substance

What is cordyceps and why does it increase testerone


Cordyceps is a Tibetan mushroom that can be obtained into a caterpillar and germinates in a fruit shape from the ground and can be found directly from the body of a caterpillar. It belongs to the mushroom family. Hsu, Huang, Tsai, Sheu and Huang, researchers, performed studies on cordyceps about the production of testosterone in mouse Leydig eggs. The studies were conducted at the College of Medicine in National Cheng Kung University in Tainan, Taiwan and the outcomes were clearly stated that animals who consumed the extract of cordyceps were outstandingly boost their testosterone levels between 170 percent. The researchers also discovered that there is a remarkable boost of testosterone levels if cordyceps (Tibetan mushroom) are taken orally. The Leydig eggs are able to get in the gastrointestinal system of male’s body. cordyceps contain glycoproteins and polysaccharides that are the same to LH and bind with LH receptors. This process invigorates the manufacture of testosterone. This kind of mushroom also contains Mannitol. It is a compound which provides osmotic effect in the body that has the ability to enhance the blood flow to the pelvic area. This is the main reason why  cordyceps supplements are rated as one of the best supplements that can enhance male sexual performance. As years passed by, more research and studies have testified that cordyceps is very effective in boosting testosterone levels.


There are also other health benefits of cordyceps aside from it’s best in increasing testosterone levels. I have listed some of it below.


1. First, Cordyceps are widely know to fight against liver problems because some research said that it is capable of adjusting the T lymphocyte subsets levels. It can also cure hepatic fibrosis.


2. Next health benefit of cordyceps is it acts as a supplementary treatment for diabetes because it contains polysaccharide which is a powerful antioxidant that has the ability to decrease or lower blood glucose and improve the metabolism of lactic acid. It can also boost the sensitivity of insulin which is beneficial in controlling diabetes.


3. Cordyceps are also used for natural treatment of specific cancers.


4. The regular intake of Cordyceps can be very helpful to make kidneys and lungs more healthier and also enhances their whole vitality. This is because Cordyceps assist in enhancing the circulation of blood to the different parts of the body.


5. Sportsmen use Cordyceps daily because it help in reducing anxiety that’s why fatigue in the body are minimized. It aid also to have better sleep and improve the nervous system.


6. Cordyceps are also used as herbal remedy for coronary heart disease because it help in reducing cholesterol .


7. Lastly, Cordyceps have anti-inflammatory properties which will allow bronchial walls to be relaxed. Asthma, chronic bronchitis and cough are just some of the respiratory diseases that can be cured by Cordyceps. In general, it will help you to have a healthy respiratory system.


As a whole, the consumption of cordyceps has no side effects so it is safe to use. In order to acquire the maximum benefits, you have to make sure that you are using high quality cordyceps.

If anyone knows where to get cordyceps hit me up…

Memorial Day Projects

Memorial Day,  a chance to honor those that have served us.  For many this is a chance to reflect on our loved ones and the experiences that they have had for our country.  It also marks the beginning of nicer weather and the summer season (unofficially).  As I walked out on the front porch with my morning coffee I heard one familiar sound, engines.  Lawn mowers to be exact.  This day usually is the tree/hedge trimming, landscaping and any other outdoor project day in my neighborhood.

I took this day to clean out the garage (my wife has been nagging me) and with the new found space I will be installing this beautiful Stack on safe after reading reviews from this website:

I found this while doing research over the winter and was instantly in love.  I have been wanting to refinish the garage into a man cave for quite some time and thought this would make a great addition.  It is basically fire proof and totally secure, plus I can show off the toys to the boys.

The install won’t be hard at all, it’s just making room for the safe.  It is a bit heavy, definitely a two beer lift with a friend if you know what I mean.  So far I am really pleased with the safe though and have been considering locking things up for a while.  I often worry about leaving firearms in the house when I am not home and have felt uneasy about them being exposed and for the taking.  Should someone ever break in I would be crushed to find my guns missing.  For a few in my collection, they are the only things that I have left from my grandfather.  I would never use them, but I definitely enjoy cleaning them and thinking about him and the time we spent together.  I don’t even want to think about having one of these precious items leave my possession.  Plus you need to take into the account that THESE ARE DANGEROUS.  In all honesty, I should have locked them up a long time ago.

Regardless, the safe will look great in the corner once the garage is cleaned out.  I have been looking at different man cave ideas on pinterest and have a few options for how to take the garage into my own hangout space.  Heat is the first thing that I want to get squared away and I have been considering an air filtration system that will allow us to smoke cigars regularly while playing card games.  I have seen a few systems but definitely do not want to invest that kind of money, I just need something to get the smokey air out in an efficient manner.  That will be a totally different post and project altogether.  For now, I’ll clean and enjoy the day off while thinking of my grand father who proudly served our country.  I miss him and the stories that he was able to share and the time that we had together.  Happy memorial day!

I’m Getting In Shape

Hey everyone, in my last post about coq10 I mentioned some of the troubles that I have been having lately and decided that I needed to step it up a bit and make a change.  I am not doing my best to be healthy and take care of myself.  I have high cholesterol and heart issues and I think it is time that I accept responsibility for my actions (or lack thereof) and get myself into shape.

I have been thinking a lot about my life and I realize that with a birthday coming up, I have limited time here.  I feel a bit like a failure for letting my own health go by the wayside as I followed more of a YOLO philosophy.  I know that I need to lose a bit of weight and get into shape.  I would like to drop about 20lbs and see how I feel from there and then make some adjustments or set a goal.  I know that a lot of people have luck when they sign up for something and work towards it (road race etc) but that just isn’t me.  I had a coworker that went through a divorce and signed up for a triathalon.  He dropped so much weight so quickly that I thought he was actually terminally ill.  I saw his results and made mental note “lots of exercise works fast”.  Nobody could argue with his results.

The problem is that I have absolutely no desire to run or compete in an endurance race.  I find them dumb and something that I would not feel satisfied completing one… It’s just not in my nature.  However, what if I got into a strength competition? That sounds cool and who doesn’t want to be able to move heavier stuff?  After that my train of thought went to a body builder.  Who doesn’t want to look awesome naked? Seriously, ripped abs and the like? Sign me up.

I went to a few websites and decided on trying what it seems like everyone is doing at the moment in their own home Focus T25.  I’ll give it a shot and my challenge will be to follow the program exactly as stated and see where it leads me.  Heck, the worst thing that happens is that I just can’t complete the workouts and nobody sees me fail.  I figured I would start adding some supplements as well.  I did my research and am going to be taking whey protein, glutamine, fish oil,  BCAAS, and green tea leaf extract diet pills.  These are all taken for one reason or another.  The protein, glutamine and BCAAS are supposed to help me build muscle and recover.  FIsh oil is supposed to help my inflammation and improve my blood levels.  The green tea pills are supposed to raise my metabolism and burn more fat naturally.  Sounds like we have a plan and I am ready to go!

My apologies

Ubiquinol Side EffectsI have to make an apology to everyone….I have been feeling a bit under the weather as of late and haven’t really had a chance to get much work done.  My doctor prescribed me a statin drug for my cholesterol and I have started to take the medication.  What I didn’t realize is the amount of pain that I would be in from the medication.  It’s funny (or not) that sometimes the side effects of these medications are worse than the original problem.  Regardless, I found some information online about statin drugs and some natural supplements that can help with pain.  All information was taken from


Coq10 and Ubiquinol are both one in the same, they are just at different levels of being broken down and absorbed by the body.  It is thought that ubiquinol is the more ready available form of coq10 that can be utilized by the body more efficiently.  Adding statin drugs to your body system can interfere with coq10 absorption and plasma levels in the blood so it is recommended that you add the supplement to deal with the deficiency that your body ends up with taking the statin.

I did my research and consulted a doctor and began my supplementation with ubiquinol. Side effects are very mild compared to the side effects of the cholesterol meds so I will gladly accept feeling dizzy and a bit nauseous compared to muscle pain.   Anyway, everything seems to be working well so I will be back up and running in a few days time.  Thanks for your patience!

What’s needed for a google hangout?

I recently published my ideas on using google hangouts for sales pitches with prospects in this post.

After playing around I have a quick tip… My laptop doesn’t have a web camera so I cannot do a face to face meeting (DUNCE CAP ON). I can’t believe that I totally forgot about this, it gets better though.  I don’t have a microphone either.  I thought about how to actually get around each of these problems without making some purchases and came up with one solution.

The microphone can be solved by using the apple iphone ear buds

These have a microphone built in and actually work quite well!  Just a quick tip as I figure this stuff out.

Google Hangouts

I happened to be playing on the internet today and searching through youtube when I came across google hangouts.  I have been thinking about going to best buy and making a few purchases, a web cam and a screen share software.  I thought that this would allow me to communicate with friends and coworkers and let me get a bit of work done while at home ( I would love to transition to a work from home position).  I am in sales and advisement and this would be a great way for me to see clients and have meetings without the travel required to normally do so.

Google Hangout SEO


Google Hangouts solves all of these problems for me without the investment of those services.  I particularly noticed some other benefits of google hangouts after watching an SEO video that I will show later in the post.

I didn’t realize that a google hangout can also be broadcast on the air live so that many people can log in and view at the same time! This is huge for sales pitches as well as educating and creating leads.  The best part is that after there is an interactive hangout that can benefit your business (or mine) it can be uploaded as a youtube video and you can essentially use it and refer to it forever.

I have been recently signing up clients for identity theft protection products and really feel like a google hangout that EDUCATES prospects could do a fantastic job of warming up potential customers for a sale.  Could hangouts be a new form of a white paper?  Video converts according to everything that I have researched…. I feel like it could be time to take advantage of the technology available at hand and step into the future.  What’s the worst that could happen? There is literally NO INVESTMENT.

A quick powerpoint slide and a screen capture along with a face to face conference could be extremely effective for sales.  I’ll keep updating as I test and tweak.  I am sure that I’ll get some crazy looks at first but anytime you think out of the box this is to be expected.

As I previously mentioned, the video that I watched actually showed how easy it is to get a video in front of customers that could be searching for your product.  If you target people that are already looking for what you are selling by putting your video on the first page of google then half the battle is already over.  News flash, hangouts can get on page 1 quick.  This is like a no brainer for me.

Check out this video ranking for the phrase Utica Seo Services, the video actually ranked in minutes!.

After doing some research on Simple But Well (I followed the link on the youtube video) it appears that this ranking process can happen very quickly.  I would like to do a few tests before pitching this to my customers and create a high quality video to show potential prospects.

I’ll update once this is completed and who knows, if you are interested in Identity Protection the video could help you as well…